At the invitation of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd (CMSK), the delegation of ORI GROUP led by Mr. Feng QIAN, the President, visited CMSK Headquartered in Shekou, Shenzhen on February 8th, and talked about the positive cooperation between two parties during the meeting.

Mr. QIAN and the delegation visited i-Factory, CMSK Exhibition Center, Sea World Culture and Arts Center, Net Valley, NH E-Cool and other demonstration parks that showcase the unique “Port-Park-City” mode and corporate culture. 

At 4pm the same day, a business meeting was held. Mr. QIAN, President of Ori Group, Mr. Gang SHANG, General Manager of CMSK, and Ms Jin GUO, Deputy General Manager of CMSK, gave talks about respective business segments, operation overview, strategic planning, and development plans. Seven important topics were presented and intensively discussed between the two parties, covering animation IP development, animation tourism, animation industrial park and etc. ORI’s strong inventive capability in IP development and unparalleled international cooperation network resources were well-recognized by CMSK and hence paved the way for further partnership. In the near future, based on both parties’ deep expertise in respective industries, core competencies and competitive advantages, ORI and CMSK will seek closer collaboration in animation crossover projects to promote Chinese animation, improve China’s cultural confidence, and to contribute to international cultural cooperation.

CMSK is a flagship subsidiary under the China Merchants Group, a leading state-owned enterprise with three pillar business, industrial park development and operation, residential community development and operation, and cruise industry development and operation. By the end of 2018, the total asset of China Merchants Group reached $1200 Billion USD with a net annual profit of $25 billion USD, ranked No.1 among all Central Government owned Enterprises.

Ori Group enters a new era in 2019 with a strategic mission to explore cross-industry collaboration. Animation & tourism, film and series & multi-platform, culture & capital, are ORI’s three core business elements, which facilitates ORI in international business development and global strategic management. The visit to CMSK signifies ORI’s attempts to explore cross-industry collaboration and dedication to making a fundamental breakthrough.