The 4th Bridging the Dragon Sino-European Project Lab announced the selections recently, the CGI animated feature film HOCKEY KING presented by ORI ANIMATION broke the siege, being selected successfully.

HOCKEY KING tells a story about dream. Born in a traditional ice-hockey family, 12-year-old Robbie is addicted to online hockey games. In order to help his friend Joyce realize his dream of becoming an ice-hockey player, Robbie finally gets out of the virtual world and joins the real ice-hockey competition.

Bridging the Dragon Sino-European Project Lab is a content incubation platform between China and Europe built on the base of a producers association called Bridging the Dragon, which is praised as “think tank of China-EU cooperation”. The lab once invited senior specialists of the industry like Cao Baoping and Yan Geling to be the mentors and guests. The 4th BTD Lab collected more than 120 outstanding film ideas all over the world, while 10 Chinese projects and 9 European projects were successfully selected in the end. For selected projects, they are invited to the modules organized by the lab, the first module will be in Beijing at the end of 2018 while the second one will be organized during the European accredited film festival at the beginning of 2019, and they will be advised by high-profile tutors one-on-one.

In recent years, ORI devoted in promoting international exchange and cooperation in the film industry, keeping following the creative principle of “Tell Chinese stories which can be understood by foreigners which happen to be the universal stories can be accepted by Chinese”. ORI has formed its distinctive international cooperation rules and creative mode, and has achieved a series of remarkable results. For being involved in the 4th BTD Lab, HOCKEY KING will help ORI further break up the cultural barriers among the Sino-European cooperation in the Film industry, to expand the copyright trading and cooperation between China and Europe, thus moving toward a larger international market.