Malaysian film Rise of the Legend was officially theatrical released in China on September 7th.

This film is based on the personal experience of Lee Chong Wei, one of the “Four Kings” in the field of global badminton. In this March, a grand premiere was held in Malaysia with more than 30,000 audiences. 

Themed by “keep going and never give up”, the film starts from Lee Chong Wei’s childhood, shows his badminton career and ends with a miracle battle in 2006 between him and his lifetime rival - Lin Dan.

The film tells the stories of every important juncture happened during the growth of Lee Chong Wei, in a mild and warm way demonstrating the obstacle and the failure along with the passion and warmth he experienced. 

In addition to the inspirational elements which are essential to the sports biography, the film also incorporates the elements of family affection, teacher and student relationship, and romantic love. This is an inspirational film for the whole family.

Rise of the Legend was screened in the Cannes International Film Festival in this May, entering the global sales stage and attracting the attention of many international buyers and distributors.