The 71st Cannes International Film Festival is closing soon and ORI has benefited a lot during this festival.

ORI attended Cannes with nine films, including "RETURN", "RISE OF THE LEGEND", and etc. Among them, “RISE OF THE LEGEND" and "THE LOST LAND" have received favourable reviews after the screenings. Meanwhile, ORI organizes a special cocktail party and conducts an in-depth discussion on the different potential projects. ORI has also made new progress in terms of international co-productions. Many creative ideas including the new animated film "HOCKY KING" have aroused wide concern from international investors. It’s expected that the production of three international co-production films will be launched within this year. In addition, at this year's CANNES, ORI has also acquired the domestic distribution rights of two new titles, which are expected to be released in the cinemas shortly.

Through a series of measures, ORI has further expanded the contacts and networks of the international film market, which has provided new ideas for world sales of films, and opened up new opportunities for the financing cooperation. In the future, ORI will continue to rely on the “PRO-ACTION” film spirit to develop the film industry and promote international cooperation.