The 68th Berlin International Film Festival was held from February 15th to 25th in 2018. We attended this festival to seek international distribution, financing and production cooperation with 7 live action films and 8 animation films.

Some of the movie clips of the hand-drawn 2D animated feature film "Return" produced by ORI ANIMATION were firstly exposed in Berlin, which has received a lot of high opinion from many international buyers with its smooth animation design and exquisite background. In addition, the live action films presented by ORI, such as “KUNGFUDIVA” and “GO! TENNIS” as well as the two films that will be released by ORI PICTURES “THE LOST LAND” and “RISE OF THE LEGEND” are also standout and have attracted the attention of many international buyers.

From 2013 to 2018, ORI has promoted and implemented dozens of international cooperation projects and gained widespread praise. In the current Berlin Film Festival, ORI has taken international distribution as a key work. And it’s keeping expanding into the live action field based on the international distribution network of animation works. A film industry network covering the whole world has begun to take shape. The position of ORI in the international film industry has also been further enhanced. The quality of ORI is highly sought by international mainstream distribution and production companies. ORI is committed to being an ambassador of Chinese and foreign cultural trade cooperation. In terms of content creation, ORI has always been committed to telling Chinese stories that can be understood by the world and telling the world stories that can impress China. In the operation of the market, ORI is more willing to build a bridge to promote the cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign film and TV companies. The international cooperation rules of ORI have been further recognized at this Berlin Film Festival.