"Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year" was announced at the 6th Suzhou Culture & Creative Design Industry Expo in the afternoon on April 23th, 2017. Feng QIAN, the President of Ori Animation, was selected as the person of the year for the second year running who was the only representative of Suzhou Animation Industry.

In 2006, Feng QIAN independently founded Ori Animation Co., Ltd and started to invest in animation film & series projects. Over the past decade, Feng QIAN has established in original and seen into the international, focused on culture communication with his keen and foresighted market insight. Under the leadership of Feng QIAN, Ori Animation has won a place in both domestic and international animation stage.

Feng QIAN keeps dedicating to the original animation creation and production since he founded Ori Animation with several nominated and award-winning animation titles presented. In recent years, Feng QIAN has courageously operated the strategy of "culture going out" who built the brands of "Ori Animation International copyright trading center" as well as "Ori Animation International Cooperation Summit", which makes Ori Animation the leading spokesperson among other domestic private animation enterprises.