In the afternoon on July 6th, Ori Animation successfully held 10th anniversary staff meeting. The agenda of the meeting includes three parts: “Ten Years of Our Youth” keynote speech, Voice of President, “Ten Years of Ori Animation” activities launch ceremony. 
Reviewing the past ten years, Ori Animation has never stopped the pace of development who insisted on being itself, staying true to the mission, and marched forward courageously. In terms of titles’ production, Ori Animation has completed the transformation from the initial industry accumulation to market demanding. Regarding the titles’ genre, Ori Animation owns great diversity of styles. CGI animated feature film , < The Adventures of Petey and Friends > and Chinese ink painting Short film are all Ori Animation’s attempts and innovation with respect to exploring market demanding and IP creation. 
To share the moment, Ori Animation is better-off in terms of international cultural trade. For the culture overseas promotion events, Ori Animation is the exclusive Chinese animation enterprise that has exhibited in Cannes International Film Festival for three consecutive years. Ori Animation also exhibited in more than 10 international first-class festivals & markets, including AFM (American Film Market), MipTV, Mipcom, EFM (Berlin International Film Festival) and so on. Meanwhile, in regard to International cultural cooperation, Ori Animation closed various deals mainly based on co-production and distribution. Ori Animation has visited over 70 countries and built cooperative relationships with more than 600 media and animation enterprises. The extended international markets lead Ori Animation reach a new high.
To look ahead, Mr. Qian Feng, President of Ori Animation, put forward the developing direction for Ori Animation in the coming decade - Ori Animation will carry out capital cooperation and brand internationalization as the main development direction. Ori Animation is going to keep exploring and marching forward courageously. Ori Animation is an outstanding enterprise that possesses its own personality and characteristic. Off the beaten track, staying true to the mission and keeping striving will become the joint beliefs of Ori Animation.
In the next and the third decades, Ori Animation will keep developing its personality to make our own contribution to Chinese animation industry, and to facilitate more cooperation between Chinese animation industry and international enterprises!