From March 14th to 17th, Hong Kong International Film Festival (FILMART) dropped the curtain.

At this year's exhibition, Ori Animation mainly presented the animated feature POLAR ADVENTURE, TV animation BUFFET CLASSROOM and BUBBLE FISH. In the meantime, Ori Animation also displayed the upcoming project GO! TENNIS, which is currently in pre-production. This time, Ori Animation conducted meetings with more than 72 distributors, buyers and producers from over 20 countries.

FILMART has been 20 sessions till this year. It gathered 800 exhibitors from over 30 countries and regions, and the number of exhibitors has reached the highest record. After years of development, FILMART has become the primary film & TV market in international entertainment industry. It facilitates cross-media and cross-industrial cooperation, and truly becomes an important trading market in the category of film financing, distribution, production, post-production and etc.