February 11th, when most Chineses are still immersed in the deep atmosphere of the Spring Festival, enjoying the reunion time with all their families, representatives of Ori Animation International Copyright Trading Center have arrived at Berlin and started their week-long exhibiting at European Film Market (EFM). As an important component of Berlin International Film Festival, EFM plays as the role of a significant platform offering intra-industry communication and film transaction outside the film panorama of Berlin International Film Festival.  EFM is one of the three biggest film markets in the world, and it attracts numerous producers and buyers worldwide every year.

As the only Chinese animation enterprise exhibitor this year, Ori Animation drew attentions from quite a few international buyers and investors by its diversified, open-ended cooperation concept and outstanding works. During the seven days in Berlin, Ori Animation conducted 112 meetings, took part in 6 off-site activities, and reached more than 30 cooperation intentions, including some cooperation which signed the contract on site.

This trip to Berlin brings new development opportunities to Ori Animation, further expands the road of the company's international development.