Days ago, the 10th Suzhou Spiritual Civilization "Five Best One Projects" has completed publicity. Produced by Ori Animation, the animated TV series BUFFET CLASSROOM was successfully selected. This award represents the top award in spiritual civilization field, set up by Suzhou Municipal Propaganda Department.

BUFFET CLASSROOM is based on all the ordinary yet interesting little things happened in the daily life of our main character Buffet. This show contains humorous plot and exaggerated movements, which truly realizes edutainment by making children to savor the truth of growing up in laughter. In the meantime, this season contains the world festival series of shorts at the end of each episode, which becomes the major feature of this show. By using 3D CGI as main production method, combined with 2D technique, the show unconventionally brings Chinese traditional festivals and international festivals together in the story, restoring the nature of life while achieving edutainment effect. It helps make the only child today to know our traditional culture better, and inherits and develops Chinese culture in animation form.

BUFFET CLASSROOM also has won a series of other prizes, such as Jiangsu Province Radio, Film and Television Children's Excellent Prize, Suzhou Radio, Film and Television Children's Excellent Prize and etc.