At 15:00 of April 10, the 2015 Animation International Cooperation Summit of CCDE was held in the 5A central stage of Suzhou International Expo Hall. The summit was hosted by Mr. Qian Feng, president of ORI ANIMATION. Mr. Vasiliy Rovensky, president of Rocket Releasing (Russia), Mr. Matthew Dennis McCombs, president of Spotlight Pictures (USA), Mr. Adil Kanakhin, president of Kanadil Limited (Kazakhstan), Mr.Vladimir Nikolaev, executive president of Wizart Animation (Russia), attended the summit as honored guests.

The four honored guests gave their speeches respectively with the theme of the international cooperation of Chinese animation in the summit. Their unique views shared with the media and the audience sparked active discussion in the following Q&A section. The in-depth communication between the guests and the audience not only fostered a heated atmosphere, but further enhanced the theme of the summit as well.

2015 Animation International Cooperation Summit is the first international communication event of China• Suzhou International Animation Copyright Trading Center. The attended honored guests would be the first batch of international cooperation partners of the copyright trading center. ORI ANIMATION endeavors to build this summit to an influential summit within animation industry in Jiangsu Province, and even in China. The purpose of the summit is providing a "Going-Out" platform for Chinese animation, as well as promoting more international animation cooperation between China and overseas.