On 9th October, Ori Animation and Russian RWS signed animation co-production agreement in Chinese Culture Center in Moscow. Ms. Zhang Zhonghua, the Minister - Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Russia, director of Chinese Culture Centre in Moscow attended and addressed the ceremony.

Mr. Vyacheslav Telnov, Head of the Cinema department of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Mr. Sergey Sanakoev, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Russian-Chinese Centre of trade and economic cooperation, Secretary general of the Russian-Chinese Chamber of machine and technical trade facilitation and innovative products, attended and extended congratulations to the signing ceremony. Mr. Qian Feng, the president of Ori Animation and Mr. Yuri Sapronov, the president of RWS delivered speeches.

According to co-production agreement, ORI and RWS will create scripts together based on Chinese, Russian culture and history and then sharing copyright profit based on investment percentage. ORI will undertake the film production in China.

The cooperation, being the first animated film co-production between China and Russia, marks a further step in deepening cooperation of animation industry in two countries.

This cooperation also witnesses the beginning of co-production between ORI and European enterprises. Before that, ORI and Saudi Broadcasting Corporation signed co-production agreement on animated TV series HAKIM, which is under production now.

ORI will co-produce with more international partners in the near future, which enables Chinese culture spread to abroad. By that a growing number of overseas audiences will learn and accept Chinese culture, even loving Chinese culture. Actually, ORI has been devoted to promoting Chinese culture exchange with foreign countries, which is exactly its 'China Dream'.