Invited by Public Relations Department of Ministry of Culture and Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Mr. A. Al-Hazzaa, the President of Saudi Broadcasting Corporation, and the Delegation arrived in China on 16th May, 2014 who would start their visit in China for one week.

Mr. Wang Hongsheng, the mayor of Suzhou met with the Saudi Delegation on 17th May who expressed his willing of further strengthening the communication and cooperation of Sino – Saudi culture. Ms Guo Yanhe, the Director of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Ms Chen Rong, the Director of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publications as well as other leaders attended and witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement between SBC and ORI ANIMATION.

The same day, the Saudi Delegation visited the Animation Industry Basement located in Suzhou of ORI ANIMATION, who looked on the process of animation production. The Delegation also visited Suzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Suzhou Embroidery Museum and some other places which helped to better understand the development of Suzhou, local customs and practices as well as the traditional handicrafts.

On 18th May, President Mr. Hazzaa and the Delegation arrived in Beijing where to start the formal visit. Mr. Qian Feng, the President of ORI ANIMATION, went along with them.

In the morning of 19th May, Mr. Ding Wei, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture met with the President Mr. Hazzaa and the Delegation courteously who expressed the kind regards from Mr. Cai Wu, the Ministry of Ministry of Culture to Mr. Hazzaa. Both of them communicated with the opinions towards the two countries' culture and their expectations of the future cooperation.

After the meeting, Mr. Ding Wei, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Yahya, the Ambassador of Saudi Embassy in China, Mr. Gao Zheng, the Deputy Director the Industrial Department, Mr. Li Liyan, the Director Assistant of Public Relations Department, Ms Song Qihui, the Director of the Animation Section of Industrial Department, Mr. Yu Jian, the Director of the Afro-Asian Section of Public Relations Department and the other leaders witnessed the signing of the Co-production Agreement together. Mr. Ding Wei said that under the assistance of both countries' Culture Instructions, ORI ANIMATION started the cooperation with SBC and the Co-production Agreement signed in China would write a brand new chapter of the two countries' collaboration in culture industry.

In the morning of 20th May, Mr. Nie Chenxi, the Deputy Minister of SARFT met with the President Mr. Hazzaa and the President Mr. Qian Feng who also carried on the brotherly talks.

During the stay in Beijing, Mr. Hazzaa and the Delegation also visited the CNR and CCTV – Arabic Channel, who also carried on the talks respectively with Mr. Wang Qiu, the Director of CNR and Mr. Yuan Zhengming, the Deputy Director of CCTV.

The President of SBC, Mr. Hazzaa and the Delegation's succeed visit in China formally kicked off the deep cooperation of the Sino – Saudi culture industry. Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations, two countries are always keeping in a friendly collaboration. In recent years, the communication in the culture area has been enhanced. HAKIM, the animated TV series co-presented by SBC & ORI ANIMATION this time which combines Sino – Saudi cultures, plays quite an important and active role in the popularization of the two countries' culture, customs, along with humanistic connotation among the teenagers.

The series is going to be finished the production at the end of 2015 with the bilingual dubbing of Arabic and mandarin which will be broadcasted in SBC and CCTV so as to meet the complete coverage. The relaxed and pleasant visual communication method is meant to enhance the understanding between two peoples and to know correctly about the two countries social features.

In the future, with the success of the first work, ORI ANIMATION and SBC will produce more and more animated works to play a part in the two countries' communication in culture.

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