At the beginning of February, the Chinese horse year, led by president of Ori Animation, Qian Feng, a delegation from Ori Animation visited German and four countries in West Asian. With the help and recommendation of cultural bureaus of local embassies, the delegates visited Medias, higher education institutes, cultural enterprises of Berlin in German, Amman in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Riyadh of Saudi Arabia, Beirut of Republic of Lebanon, Istanbul and Ankara of Turkey and so on. This time the visit has thoroughly pushed the internationalization process starting from last December.

During the 15-day visit, Ori Animation visited 34 institutes and enterprises, including Jordan State TV Station, Saudi Arabia State TV Station, Turkish State TV Station, University of Jordan, University of Middle Asia and conducted several discussions at top levels.

In the discussion, Ori Animation had deep negotiation on the issues of local authorization, co-production, major-co-building, talent-training and construction of overseas bases. On the one hand by doing so Ori got to know the development situation of local animation industry, on the other hand, Ori clearly expressed its willing for cooperation. Concerned the deep and thorough cooperation with Chinese animation companies, the institutes show deep interest and both reached several cooperative agreements. At present it is at the stage of writing cooperation agreements, and some will revisit Ori at the end of March and sign official agreements then.

The fruitful visit proves the right concept of Ori's internationalization development road and lays a solid foundation for international cooperation.

The year of 2014 is of vital importance to Ori's development and Ori will adhere to the spirit of cultural cooperation and construction of cultural brands as to extend overseas exploration and accelerate the out-going of Chinese animation and culture to the world.