On February 10th, the Propaganda Ministers Conference was held. On the conference, groups, projects and individuals from pioneering propaganda cultural and artistic fields were praised and picture books, Happy Pet Store from Ori Animation were among the list.

On the conference the main blueprint of the propaganda work of spirits and culture in 2014 was confirmed, that was, to adhere to progress in steadiness, to adhere to reform and innovation, to enhance spiritual theoretical construction and to improve the power of media as to develop and practice socialist core value and to accelerate the reform and development of cultural reform. Meanwhile it was asked to continue to build the work brand of "Home in Suzhou" as to improve the scientific level of promoting spirits and culture thus for the acceleration of the construction of Three Cities & Three Districts for the intensifying of spiritual power to draw the Suzhou chapter of China Dream.

In the conference the awards of Excellent Cultural Rewards of Jiangsu Province and Cultural and Artistic Award of Suzhou was honored and picture book Happy Pet Store from Ori Animation was awarded.

It is known that the selection of excellent cultural projects of Jiangsu Province was implemented and organized by Propaganda Ministry of Jiangsu Municipal Government, which was aimed to praise those excellent cultural projects that received important honors in national awards and exert huge impact home and abroad. Happy Pet Store was the only picture book that received the honor.

Happy Pet Store, books designed for parents and kids, were Ori's first serial picture books. It has once been listed in the Construction and Protection Plan of National Animation Brands of 2013 and received Excellent Copyright Award of Suzhou in 2013.