Recently Science and Technology Association of Jiangsu Province and Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province announced the list of Youth and Teenagers Science Knowledge Popularization Demonstration Base of Jiangsu Province. Odri Animation Pavilion, a new member of the 30 science knowledge popularization bases, was the only one from Suzhou.

Established in May, 2010, Odri Animation Pavilion is China's first interactive animation pavilion. It caters to the curiosity of teenagers' and youth from its knowledge, interaction, and artistic characteristics. It sets up six functional zones, namely, animation museum, animation stage, animation interactive zone, animation creative street, animation canteen and animation theater. Meanwhile there are all kinds of interactive programs in it and achieves an effect of popularizing animation knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Since its opening, Odri Animation Pavilion has accepted over 0.5 million tourists and most of them are pupils for it is the extra curriculum activity base of many elementary schools. Odri Animation Pavilion has always clung to the idea of offering all-round service on morality, intelligent education, and art education, and it keeps perfecting its facilities and tries to provide a service platform that makes no distance for animation and its fans, and thus it grows to become a well-known science knowledge popularization brand and tourism brand of Suzhou. The title of Youth and Teenagers Science Knowledge Popularization Demonstration Base of Jiangsu Province will prompts Odri Animation Pavilion to develop forward and serve its leading role for demonstration as to make more contribution for the science education of schools in Jiangsu Province.

Known from Odri Animation Pavilion that nowadays it is under program up gradation and soon it will serve visitors with richer animation experience and better service.