On January 11th, the work conference of Suzhou's private economy was held in the Conference Centre. Secretary general of Jiangsu Province and secretary of municipal Party Committee Hongkun Jiang and other main leaders attended the conference. At the conference leaders from municipal committee and city government had firmly approved the development of Suzhou's private economy. Jiang called on private entrepreneurs to start new business and carry on great missions. At the same time, they shall never satisfy and catch opportunities to help Suzhou speed up its pace to re-structure and upgrade.

At the conference some outstanding private companies and entrepreneurs were awarded. Ori Animation received an honored title of "excellent private service company of Suzhou in the year of 2010". The honor showed the government's approval towards the achievements and development that Ori made in 2010. As to those in the conference, Ori Animation was the only animation company that received such an honor. Ori's quick growth had represented the development level and status of Suzhou's private animation companies.

As a pioneer among Suzhou's private animation service companies, Ori Animation has presented several cartoons since its foundation about four years ago. Those cartoons had been shown on famous cartoon channels such as CCTV , Toonmax channel and so on, which had not only played a guiding role in teenagers' patriotism education but helped teenagers develop correct philosophy and attitude towards life, value and world. Meanwhile Ori Animation opened Odri Animation Pavilion in May 2010, which soon became a benchmark in Suzhou's tourism industry. Besides it is now an important base for scientific popularization education. As a main base of the development of cultural industry in Suzhou, Ori Animation has leapfrogged to be a wind vane of Suzhou's animation industry, and this honor of "excellent private service company" will encourage Ori to expand, innovate and develop at a quicker speed.