In the afternoon of January 5th, temperature suddenly got down. However several officials from the SIP education system visited and inspected Ori Mansion in spite of chilling wind. The inspection group was lead by the head of SIP Education Bureau-Mr. Gao, and its members were formed by headmasters of elementary schools and the relevant officials who were in charge of moral education. Vice president of Ori- Yun Zhao, together with senior official of career department- Wen Gu and head of Odri Animation Pavilion- Rong Liu attended the reception and accompanied the guests.

The investigatory group first came to Odri Animation Pavilion. In the pavilion Rong Liu introduced the pavilion in a detailed way. At the same time vice president Yun Zhao described the prospective future of the pavilion to the guests and the development plan for this duplicable industry mode. Afterwards guests experienced many activities in the pavilion with deep interest and they asked questions about its operation as well.

Later the investigatory group came to the production centre of Ori Animation to know about animation production and Ori's achievement in animation production. Vice president Yun Zhao introduced Ori's main TV cartoons and films, every department and their current work focus as well. And also she guided the guests to every workplace of the production centre so as to promote better understandings towards animation production modes and ways. With the help of her guidance the investigatory group had a direct and deep understanding of animation industry and Ori.

At the very beginning of the new year, the investigatory group had come to Ori, which showed the officials' approval towards the achievements that Ori had made during the past year. At the same time when the group expressed sincere anticipation on Ori, it gave Ori some advice. Official Gao noted that he hoped Ori could catch the historical opportunity of current great cultural development and prosperity. Meanwhile Ori should adhere to the spirit of aggression and diligence so as to make greater and bigger achievements and pave a duplicable way for the development of animation industrialization, thus Ori could make new contribution for the development of Suzhou's animation cultural industry.