Recently, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation unveiled the names of national authorized animation companies of 2010. According to the list, Suzhou Ori Animation won the title of national authorized animation company, and it was Suzhou's only animation company that received such an honor. As to the relevant ministries, the title was given after comprehensive investigation on the aspects of animation industry progress, company management and financial conditions. All the research was conducted by the ministry of culture, finance and taxation of all levels, and the result was released after the coordination of different opinions.

From a group of about ten people to a company hiring nearly 300 people, in four years Ori Animation has became a pioneer of the domestic animation industry. By now Ori Animation has produced cartoon series and films such as the Coins, Euri Yak and Dori Antelope, Fly Pili and so on, which have received warm feedback from audience of all levels. Meanwhile Ori Animation has been exploring the new mode in the progress of animation industry and trying to break the production and derivatives mode of profit, which was the traditionally single way to achieve profit. In May 2010, the first domestic animation experience centre, Odri Animation Pavilion was set up, and it called much attention from the society. While in the coming 2011, Ori Animation will present a 3-D cartoon film-Bunny Crisis, which was a true 3-D film completed by Ori's own research. At the same time, Ori Animation was preparing the first domestic professional animation e-commerce platform which will further promote the progress in animation industrialization and brand-building.