In the afternoon of December 2nd, special guests came to visit Ori Mansion –a group of thirty people from the secretary research class of Municipal Party Committee. Vice president of Ori- Yun Zhao, together with Production manager –Qianzi Qian and other main leaders attended the reception. During the reception, leaders from Ori introduced its management and future development. This time the visiting group was led by Guoming Hao, director in charge of information of the secretary research class of Municipal Party Committee. The whole group researched and visited Ori Animation.

Ori Animation has made careful preparation for this reception. Yun Zhao first guided the guests to Odri Animation Pavilion and introduced it in a detailed way. As the first animation experiencing centre in China, Odri Animation Pavilion has long received warm welcome by schools and it has turned to be one of the favored extracurricular activity places and science education centers to schools in Suzhou. According to Zhao, she expressed that as a duplicable new industry mode, Odri Animation Pavilion has devoted to develop animation plazas and in the future, the plazas will be expanded and opened in cities besides Suzhou where the youth can feel the real charm of animation.

Many programs in Ori Animation Pavilion called the guests' interest, especially those in Laltla-where one can produce 3-D animation, form setup, animation to light with the help of professional tools and software. Seeing one can make his own animation, the guests began production immediately with deep interest.

Afterwards the guests came to visit the Grand Theatre and Ori's production departments. After their visit, they expressed that only by carrying on a way of self-innovation can Chinese animation industry achieve leapfrog development.